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This service is to remove iCloud Activation Lock for Apple iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S/SE/6/6+/6S/6S+/7/7+ Purchased in Romania with the status CLEAN

- Supported devices: iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S/SE/6/6+/6S/6S+/7/7+ and all iPad models
- Restore device with latest iOS.
- Device needs to have FMI Status: Clean
Make good quality and full screenshot of:
> Sim-card holder showing the IMEI if it has any.
> Front of the iPhone showing the IMEI on the screen.
> Front of the iPhone showing the iCloud activation screen.
> Back of the iPhone, showing the IMEI on the back if it has any.
- Upload images to and write links in "Notes" field.
- Add the iCloud iD Hint from activation screen to "APPLE ID HINT" field. (Sample: v***
- Add the Sold-By and Purchase Country of device to "COMPANY & COUNTRY" field. (Sample: THE CARPHONE WAREHOUSE LIMITED United Kingdom)
- Use iPHONE IMEI SOLD + REPLACEMENT INFO + CASE INFO to find the Company/Country and check GSX cases to be sure device was not tried before.

Supported Companies:
- Product Sold by: APCOM Romania
- Product Sold by: ORANGE Romania
- Product Sold by: VODAFONE Romania

- Once order is placed there is no cancellation until provider finish or refunds the order even if service delayed.
- Don't submit order if you have access to the Home Screen of the device.
- Don't submit devices that have been tried before.
- Replaced devices are not supported.
- Average success rate: 60%.


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