Only Following Countires are Supported:
Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia. 

To check Country You can use this service:  "SAMSUNG INFO IMEI CHECK" 

All IMEI numbers like 35xxxx08xxxxxxx  and 35xxxx09xxxxxxx manufactured in 2018th are supported via this service: "SAMSUNG EUROPE - DATABASE 2019" 

Refund policy = CLEAR VIDEO PROOF NEEDED!!! 

If Phone will ask for Regional Lock - RGCK - No Refund Provided! 

The service Only Provides NCK & DEFREEZE CODE 

The service DO NOT provide RGCK (Region Unlock code) To get this code kindly use Samsung Europe All level Service. 

If You get a code not found using this service please use Samsung Europe All level Service.

3-15 Minutes

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