Service might giving NCK 00000 as code for certain imeis so requesting clients to try phone nck 00000 before order if u get nck 0000 and codes not work we are not responsible

for that case we wil ask u video proof as in database code is 0000 so it came to u like that. so becareful with this term.

- Success Ratio 90-95%
- cricket usa not supported
- verizon usa not supported
- Tmobile app metro pcs not supported

Code from database and working 100%
- Make sure phone have same imei inside back of label and phone dnt changed imei before ,
- No refund on tmobile app , sprint and metro pcs
- For verfiy need video show imei and phone show wrong code , otherwise no refund!


Verifications: In case if you try the code and it does not work, send us request to email with IMEI number and delivered codes. We wil verify it same day. In case if the code is still wrong after verification, we will need proper Video proof link  uploaded to youtube. If video is approved you will get full credit refund.


See refund terms below:




35645304xxxxx  3536480xxxxx if code not work means your phone is hardlocked and there is no refund


1. In case if you claim a wrong code, Refunds are given by video proof only where you will show IMEI number from *#06# and code entering procedure exactly as described


2. Note! In the video the phone must ask for Network unlock code when you Power it On with a foreign sim card. Make sure the phone is not Hardlocked or blocked


3. If in video you make the phone to ask for code using hidden key commands and combinations, such a video WONT be accepted for a refund, so pls make sure that the phone is asking for code once you startup it with foreign sim card.


4. Verizon Phone codes are not refunded in ANY CASE, even if you provide correct Video showing wrong code. SAME with MB860 AT&T IMEIs (this is our supplier rules)


5. Refund terms are for ALL customers and resellers without any exclusion.

1-5 Days

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