This service is to CLEAN devices reported STOLEN/LOST by T-MOBILE USA.
Use T-MOBILE USA CLEAN/BLOCKED/UNPAID STATUS - PRO to be sure device is supported by this service.
IMPORTANT: No refund for devices blocked by other companies except T-MOBILE USA.
Warning: This is NOT unlocking service. This is Cleaning service. No refund for submitting wrong IMEI.
Absolutely NO verify after 5 days due to possible report by phone owner of lost or stolen. We are not responsible for re-blocked after 5 days.
Keep in mind that once clean, it could show in checker either completely clean or with outstanding balance. We cannot remove outstanding balance.

Supported status:

System Message:Reported lost by a T-Mobile customer

System Message: Reported Stolen by a T-Mobile customer

System Message: Blocked Due to Non Payment 

System Message: Reported stolen by insurance

1-4 days